Optimal Nutrition

There is nothing more valuable in a person’s life than having good health. Maintaining a healthy body is a responsibility that begins from what we eat to our lifestyle decisions. There are no shortcuts to achieving good health. If you neglect nutrition, your health becomes automatically neglected. Here are top tips for optimal nutrition that will help you to live a healthy life.


Include whole foods in your dietjmkb2w5edt62ye7u28i2

Whole foods are rich in nutrients which have not been tampered with. Always include foods that are in their original form in your diet. For instance, taking raw almonds as opposed to the ones that are roasted or salted gives you vitamins and minerals which are in their natural state. Avoid processed food as much as possible and base your nutrition on natural foods.

Consume adequate amounts of protein

Proteins are the main body building blocks. An active person requires at least one gram of protein for every pound of weight every day. Protein helps to protect the body muscles from gradual degradation through reconstruction of worn out tissues. Some rich sources of proteins include eggs, milk, and cheese. If you have a problem consuming sufficient amounts of protein, then you can take low-carb protein supplements to boost your intake.

Drink lots of water

Always aim to prevent thirst rather than quenching thirst. Proper hydration is good for thermoregulation and oxygen exchange when breathing. Thirst is an indication of dehydration which is not good for the body. Water aids in the functioning of the major body organs such as kidney and liver. It helps in body detoxification. An active individual requires at least a gallon of water per day to be properly dehydrated.

Eat the right types of fats

Fats are essejmkb2w35edr627u22u8i29ntial to the body because they provide energy when there is limited glycogen. However, saturated fats that are found in animal sources can be harmful. These kinds of fats are responsible for heart-related diseases. This is because they have high-calorie content amounting to 9 calories per gram. For health reasons, fats should be limited to about 30% of the amount of the calorie intake.

These top tips for optimal nutrition are meant to help you monitor your calorie, protein, and fat intake. It is not easy to be within the required nutritional limits. Trying to improve your nutrition can be overwhelming if you do not have clear guidelines. Always begin by making achievable changes. This can be done by setting realistic nutritional goals and striving to achieve them.