Our Story

We know you like comprehending complex concepts.However, you lack a reliable resource center or person to unpack them for you and present them in easy to read and understand formats. We got your back!  

Here at Edinburgh Celtica, we focus on bringing you pieces that make you grasp most, if not all, of the concepts you have always yearned to understand. We discuss gadgets, applications, ways of doing tasks efficiently, and many more. We also review appliances and machines without any bias since we are an independent outlet, to help you be well informed and choose wisely your daily gadgets. 

Upcoming tech geeks also have a home at Edinburgh Celtica, where they can showcase their ideas and get the views of established tech experts and fellow aspiring experts. Additionally, experts get a place here to sharpen each other and tell the world of their innovations while they are still newly released. 

Keep it here for Unpacking Technology Info!